10th ESU-ESFFU Masterclass on Female and Functional Reconstructive Urology

The 10th ESU-ESFFU Masterclass on Female and Functional Reconstructive Urology will be held on 12-13 October in Berlin, Germany. It will be held in collaboration with the inaugural European Lower Urinary Tract Symptoms Meeting (ELUTS17). With successful meetings conducted since 2008, this masterclass has earned its reputation as a reliable and comprehensive programme where participants gain a deeper knowledge in this sub-specialised field.

The masterclass aims to provide high-level training on a very interactive basis that will not only update but also equip urologists with specialised skills to meet future challenges. The management of functional disorders in the female, such as lower urinary tract diseases and those in the pelvic floor and related organs are among the subjects covered in this compact, 7-module course. Male incontinence and diversion surgery will also be covered.

  • Download the scientific programme here. (PDF)

In the field of functional and female urology we often deal with diseases that are chronic and difficult to pinpoint. For each of the different modules international experts in the fields of neurourology, functional reconstructive and female urology will update you on the best practices and research breakthroughs in this fast-advancing field.

Certified urologists with a serious interest in developing a subspecialty in female and functional reconstructive urology are encouraged to join. With the complex and demanding urology procedures involved in female and reconstructive urology only a few specialised centres have developed and accumulated expertise and validated knowledge in this field. These centers want to share their knowledge and skills with others dedicated to functional urology.

Application for this masterclass is closed.